Prompted Writing: One Week

I am going soon.  I would leave you now with these words.

May they serve you well, even if perhaps I wasn’t able to fully

Live by them.  I wanted to.  Yearned to.

There is beauty in this world, painted in greens, golds, grey.

Acknowledge it.  Live in it.  And do not let the clouds

Trick you into hiding from the rain.

We were made to love.  Live that purpose.

Never shy from it.  We were created by the Great Author to

Shine light and love into the darkness.

Live bravely, love fiercely, and offer His gifts generously,

For in this world there are few second chances, and the arc

Of your story will be the legacy you leave.


(Written in response to a daily writing prompt for WriteYourselfAlive: Imagine you had one week to live.  What is the last story/poem/letter or reflection you would write?)


One thought on “Prompted Writing: One Week

  1. Being a daddy to my three sometimes has been all that I knew about me. There is more but at times that was the one true thing I had left. I appreciate your words about being a daddy and understand them in my own particular way.


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