A King’s Vindication

We snared him overnight
Cabled and held tight to a silver maple
A circle of turned earth
He ravaged everything within reach
Trying to simply be free

He looked me in the eyes
Popping fearsome jaws, snorting
Swiping paws in the air
As my needle found it’s mark
Ketamine in those rippling flanks
He fought but it took him
And he drooped and fell

We said it was in the name of science
Tags, tattoos, collars, pulled tooth
Deep down it seemed sacrilege
Human trappings
Defacing this giant
This Appalachian King
Science. Management. I wonder.

When we finished he was stirring
Under the blindfold his eyes rolled
Lightning in his veins
And the pungent reversal found his heart
Waking him. Back to the light
Grunting, stumbling
Drunk and debauched

Later we saw him
A mere hundred feet up trail
He sniffed the air, winding us
And brazenly shit in our path
Vindication steaming there on the ground



3 thoughts on “A King’s Vindication

      1. One of my old mentors used to say that genius is in noticing the obvious. That is what I was thinking about when I said I liked what you noticed. The others say it and probably laughed and commented but you noticed.

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